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Ruby Rose Bites Back at “Balding Man” for Dissing Kelly Osbourne at the Airport

Ruby Rose Kelly Osbourne

Photo: Apega/WENN/FayesVision/WENN

Ruby Rose and Kelly Osbourne crossed paths at Sydney Airport today. It should have been all smiles, but Ruby didn’t like what they heard while in customs. According to her Twitter account, a “pig” directed unsavoury comments towards Kelly, saying, “ew that’s not how a woman should look.” Shame on you pig-person, whoever you may be.

Kelly’s clearly got a bit of Aussie juice in her blood now, suggesting payback in the form of Tim Tam penetration. “@RubyRose you should have told her to go shove another #timtam up her ass! I heard it but could not figure out who said it!” Kelly wrote in a response tweet. 

Ruby forwent the recommended sweet revenge, and instead “followed him around with intimidating eyes for way too long.” She crumbled, though, stooping to his level with a nasty comment. We know, sometimes it’s just hard not to. “I turned around to see a 5ft4 balding man… “what should a woman look like?” I said “because you look like the hobbit”. Day made.” She wrote.

Girl power?