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Vivienne Westwood Thinks Food and Clothes Are Too Cheap, Wants to Downsize

Image: Daniel Deme/

Image: Daniel Deme/

Vivienne Westwood is no shrinking violet. The designer has always been an advocate for social justice and her latest targets are the British government along with the U.K.’s food and garment industries. Westwood let her opinions be known to The Guardian at a live event sponsored by the publication, saying that clothes and food in the U.K. should cost way more than they do. She blames government subsidies for the cheap prices and says that it is hurting the economy. 

“You know something is wrong when you can buy a cooked chicken for £2,” she said. “The world runs on debt and that’s why nothing costs what it should.” Westwood said that with this knowledge, she is recommitting herself and her company to be more environmentally friendly — and that means cutting down on staff as well as creating smaller collections. “I’m trying to pull the collection back to things I really like … I think this is the most environmental thing we can do … I only need to make the clothes I like. I have the money, so I don’t need to make things I don’t like.”

While she’s correct that the impact we make on the environment is quite devastating, the prospect of people at her company losing jobs is a bit unsettling. We guess Westwood staffers should start dipping their toes into the job search field because it sounds like Westwood plans to make good on her words.

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