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DKNY PR Girl (AKA Aliza Licht) Unveils Her New Book Cover

If anyone knows how to build a social media presence, it’s Aliza Licht, better known as DKNY PR Girl. She’s the voice of the American brand on social media and keeps us entertained every day with everything from behind-the-scenes looks at Donna Karan HQ to Scandal live tweets (the perfect #TGIT companion). If you’ve been following her Twitter account, you know she’s releasing a book on how to cultivate your social media presence, a 288-page tome titled Leave Your Mark.


The book, currently available for pre-order, is chock-full of tips from the expert media maven on how to build your personal brand in a professional manner. Today, WWD revealed the cover for the book, which features a coffee cup imprinted with a bright red lipstick stain. “The coffee cup exemplifies work — the working person,” Licht explained. “Every day of my life, I look down at my cup and there [are] red lips on it. If there is an icon that represents me, that would be it.” We’d say the lipstick-smeared coffee cup is a familiar sight to plenty of working women.

Licht enlisted the help of her boss, Donna Karan, to pen the foreword for the book, which is a guide to landing your dream job (and kicking butt at it) and building your online persona. This is obviously shaping up to be a must-read for the fashion set as well as folks outside the industry looking to amp up their online presence. You can pre-order the book at Barnes & Noble and at The book will officially hit shelves in May.

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