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Gisele Bündchen Admits That the Images in Fashion Ads Are ‘Unattainable’

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

We can all agree that the fashion industry puts out some wildly unrealistic representations of women. But it’s another thing to actually hear one of the world’s most famous models admit that the images out there aren’t attainable in any way.

Gisele BündchenForbes magazine’s highest-paid model, sat down with The Sunday Times to promote her new campaign: Chanel No. 5’s Baz Luhrmann-directed commercial. The spot, complete with a Chanel surfboard and smoking-hot male lead, is the definition of aspiration — the character Gisele plays is troubled because she has it all. It is this kind of woman that the supermodel admits is making women feel inadequate. “Sometimes I feel like adverts like this can make women feel so distant,” she told the paper. “They are so glamorous and so unattainable and so aspirational that you really can’t touch them, in a way. They are kind of a dream.” 

We’re guessing Gisele is fully aware that she does play a part in creating these untouchable images. But she defends the Chanel No. 5 ad for at least making her character a bit flawed, and therefore more relatable. “Of course she’s glamorous—she is powerful and successful—but she is also struggling,” Gisele said. “She’s a mother, a wife, and a professional. She’s juggling all of that, and you know that’s not easy.”

Certainly not, but we’re sure being able to pay for a nanny while you surf on your private beach makes it that much easier.

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