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Fashion Bloggers, Episode 2 Recap: Dog Selfies, Magical Flat Lays and Runway Nightmares

Fashion Bloggers

Last night we were treated to the second episode of Fashion Bloggers, where the highly dramatic, fashion-filled lives of bloggers-of-the-moment Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Zanita Whittington, Kate Waterhouse and Amanda Shadforth were presented to us in another teeth-gritting, forehead-smacking, utterly unmissable 30 minutes of self-indulgence. For round two, the ladies gave us cutie-patootie dog selfies, shoe-designing collaborations, magical flat lays and much, much gushing and crushing amongst themselves over their own dream lives.

Fortunately, this week Sara managed to get through an entire half-hour without flustering over her main man, Dion Lee. Instead, she shifted her achy-breaky heart over to Anthony Bianco for a designer collaboration with his Aussie shoe brand, Tony Bianco.

Fashion Bloggers

“I want to prove to everyone that I know what I’m talking about,” Sara laughed. She grabbed her chance moments later, revealing her thoughts on a particular design. “If it’s too matte it might be too work shoe-ish,” she told Anthony, unveiling an impeccable knowledge of footwear-related jargon in the process.

Fashion bloggers

She couldn’t spend too much time with her new sole-mate, though, because her street-style schedule with Zanita is also very demanding. “This is kind of a typical activity,” Zanita said. “Especially for Sara and I. Neither of us really have full-time photographers so it’s good that we can utilise each other’s mad photo skills

Their street style photography tips? “My advice would be try to avoid getting hit by a car,” Zanita explained. “Because sometimes you can get caught up in the moment.” And sometimes you can get caught up in a radiator grille, and that’s gonna make for a bad photo. You heard it here first.


Kate Waterhouse was granted a bit more airtime this week, and hosted a wedding dress showcase with Queen Of The WAGs, Terry Biviano. The pair are tight because their husbands are besties 5ever. Kate then had to whiz back to legit fashion blogger duties, jet-setting off to Telstra Perth Fashion Festival with her gal pal Zanita.

Zanita was fully stoked to be heading back to her hometown because, even though she’s so freakin’ “eccentric”, at the end of the day she reckons she’s “just a girl from the farm.” But the leggy blonde was sooo embarrassed thinking back to the last time she was at TPFF, as a lowly model, because she wore daggy boardies to her first casting. Totes awkward.

Zanita Fashion Bloggers

The wise and sage Kate tried to lift her spirits. “You make terrible look good,” she said in an amazing display of congratuhate. Zanita clearly felt the sting of the backhand, unable to get past her insignificance as a model in comparison to her high-profile blogging life. “First time, I was there I was a fledgling model. I wasn’t very important.” Brutal. Hey, Zanita, models have feelings too.

But the real fashion show drama was over at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney, where all five girls worked with David Jones stylist extraordinaire Kelvin Harries to curate their own runway presentation. At first, they didn’t even know if Margaret was going to show. “I haven’t even seen Margaret, is she coming?”
 Zanita asked Sara, and the camera. In a shocking twist, Margaret eventually rocked up, straight from university class. Bless. She must know this fashion blogging thing won’t last forever.

Fashion Bloggers

Then Zanita, who we really had grown to love last episode, went straight loco, because holy mackerel there’s an all-black look in her runway section! How dare they?! Don’t they know how eccentric she is? She’s all about the quirky colours, you guys!

It’s OK, though. She can just ask Kelvin, a stylist with over 15 years experience and noted sensible person, if she can pull it out.

“No,” he said, because he rocks a man bun, he knows his shit, and he’s Kelvin Freakin’ Harries. “Too late now, sorry.”

Here. We. Go.

Zanita Fashion Bloggers

“It’s not really my style to go full-on diva,” said Zanita, in full-on diva mode, “but I don’t really see how it should be a problem pulling a look out of it, especially since it’s the opening look.” She continued, “It’s supposed to be representative of my style, but obviously it’s Kelvin’s show so…awesome!” Hmm, not as awesome as the look on your face when the all-black look walked the runway. Pursed lips much?

Zanita Fashion Bloggers

Zanita eventually calmed her face by walking the runway with her co-stars for a finale applause. All except Amanda, anyway, because she was busy taking “magic” flat lays on her driveway before heading over to Paris Fashion Week. The most exciting thing that happened for Amanda this episode was spotting Gary Pepper’s Nicole Warne, who is apparently far too amazing to be on this show in any real capacity.

Gary Pepper Fashion Bloggers

Much fashion. Little time. Until next time, blogettes.

Fashion Bloggers airs Wednesdays at 8.30pm, on The Style Network.