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Halle Berry Backs French Lingerie Brand

Image: Brian To/

Image: Brian To/

In addition to helping Michael Kors fight world hunger, Halle Berry has a few other projects, including bringing more lingerie options to the masses. The actress has invested quite a bit of her own money in Scandale, an 80-year-old luxury French lingerie brand that is about to find new life at an unlikely retailer.

The last place you would think you’d find a luxury lingerie line is Target, but that’s where Halle is taking her newest venture. Thanks to her investment, she now holds a 50 percent stake in the company, which she says represents the next step for her as a real-life businesswoman — not just as a celebrity who lends her name to various brands. The line will bow as a 10-piece collection with prices ranging from $7 to $18. 

“I understand that women want to feel sexy and beautiful. They want to have undergarments that are very functional, but to still feel beautiful when we take our clothes off,” the actress told WWD. “That’s really important and that’s a way to make women feel sexy and validated — all the ways we as women need to feel. And I love lingerie. It’s always been important in my life. This is a very important endeavor that feels very in line with who I am.”

Scandale hits Target stores on Monday.

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