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Model Kate Peck Befriended a 2.5m Snake for CanTeen’s Dare to Be Brave Campaign

As if we didn’t love Kate Peck enough already. Now the can-do-no-wrong model has gone and upped our affections for her, by taking the time out of her jam-packed day to befriend a 2.5 metre long snake for a charitable cause.

It was all for CanTeen’s Dare to be Brave campaign, which challenges us to be as brave as young people affected by cancer by doing something we’ve always wanted to do. For Kate, that involved a mega reptile that, if it could stand, is taller than even the leggiest of models.

If you also want to face a fear in the name of charity, jump onto CanTeen’s Dare to be Brave website and sign up by October 31. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve never had the guts to fully commit, now’s your chance.