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Chrissy Teigen Gets Run Out of Twitter Land for Ottawa Shooting Comment

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Chrissy Teigen is never one to reserve her opinion on social media, but this time, her quips have gotten her in trouble with the Twitterati. The model took to the social media outlet to offer her two cents on the horrifying shooting that occurred earlier this week on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and her comments, to say the least, were not well-received.

In the wake of the shooting, which has been deemed an act of terrorism, Chrissy took the opportunity to make a political comment on gun control in the United States. 

This set off several of Chrissy’s followers, who took great offense to the tweet, some saying she was making light of the situation in Canada, others criticizing her for being anti-American. As what tends to happen on the Internet, things quickly got out of hand with Chrissy receiving a slew of nasty comments.

Fox News also got in on the bashing with commentator Andrea Tantaros giving the model a light read on-air: “Chrissy Teigen is known for, obviously, her lovely bottom, and her food Instagram pictures,” Tantaros said. “She should stick to that. This is the problem when models start to talk. It plays into that dumb model stereotype. Because it’s too soon for her to weigh in, and also conflate gun control and crime in America with a global war against radical Islamic jihadism. She clearly doesn’t know about the radical Islamic threat to the nation, she hasn’t educated herself, but when she does stuff like this you’ve just got to shake your head.”

Ouch. But Tantaros’ comments certainly weren’t the worst Chrissy got in the wake of her tweet. The model also received several death threats and nasty comments via Twitter. One of the more tame examples:

Chrissy was getting so many unsavory mentions that she decided to leave Twitter altogether.

While Chrissy’s comments definitely fall somewhere on the “too soon” spectrum, it is amazing how quickly Internet thugs will turn up over a silly (albeit kinda valid) comment on Twitter. We think Chrissy made the mature decision to remove herself from the situation — things got a little too heated there. The account isn’t deleted, so we think there’s a chance that she’ll be back. We have a feeling, however, that the model will be more careful about what she says on the social media platform in the future.

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