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Why Nicolas Ghesquière Used Three Photographers for Louis Vuitton’s Fall Campaign

Image; Getty

Image; Getty

Nicolas Ghesquière has been at Louis Vuitton for about a year, and has garnered plenty of praise for his work so far. For Fall 2014, the designer tapped three photographers to shoot his debut campaign for the label: Juergen Teller, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber. Three photographers with three different styles and points of view. Yet somehow, the designer was able to cobble together a cohesive campaign. But as he tells WWD, he tapped the trio of shutterbugs to lens the advertisements not because he couldn’t decide who he wanted to use, but because he wanted to show that the Louis Vuitton brand can reflect the diversity and multi-faceted nature of women.

“Each [photographer] has a different expression of it,” Ghesuière told WWD.  “[With Leibovitz], it’s more dramatic. Juergen has this reality, this impact that is quite raw and Bruce is much more poetic and has this dimension. It’s the combination that is interesting because these are emotions that every woman has.”

For now, Ghesquière is focusing on keeping the legacy of Vuitton going, rather than creating big-ticket items that sell like hotcakes and fizzle out after a few seasons. “My thought was that when we look at things that are considered ‘Grande Classiques,’ as we say in French — iconic classics that almost everyone wants — we sometimes forget that they were new one day,” he said. “They were totally innovative and might sometimes be shocking to some people, but with time, they become classics. Every item doesn’t become that but the challenge for the designer is to look for those things that are so consistent that they can stand [the test of] time even if they are surprising and new at the beginning. That was the concept.”

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