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No One Is Feeling Rihanna’s Hair on ELLE’s December Cover (Forum Buzz)

As if her triumphant return to Instagram wasn’t enough, Rihanna has also nabbed the cover of ELLE‘s December issue. Yes folks, the badgal is back in full effect with loose curls, dark lips and an Atelier Versace gown. Editor-in-chief Robbie Myers released the accompanying editor’s letter (we’ve still got to wait a while to see the actual interview), in which she notes that RiRi is the celebrity that’s appeared on ELLE the most (four times) since she took the helm of the magazine. Sounds like the EIC’s got a lot of love for Ms. Fenty. 


Our forum members, on the other hand…well, they seemed to have mixed feelings about this Paola Kudacki shot cover and the spread that goes with it.

Lola701 was pleased: “Such a good cover. It’s very Versace by Avedon. I really like it.” While most could agree that Rihanna’s face looked gorgeous (as it always does), many were really not feeling RiRi’s beauty look — several commenters expressed dismay over the singer’s hairstyle. 

She does look more feminine here, but a bit silly also (see hair),” said Srdjan. Nope, RiRi’s coif was not up to par for most, but there’s no denying the 26-year-old songstress looked gorgeous. “The hair is awful, but this is still a better cover than most of her recent ones,” wrote justaguy

Others are simply sick of seeing Rihanna on the cover of anything at all. “Why do magazines just throw Rihanna on the cover for no apparent reason? Like are editors stupid?” A.D.C. wondered. “I don’t get it… let’s put the same popstar on our cover after our two main competitors just had her on theirs.”

|PerfectTonight| reminded A.D.C. that RiRi is probably so popular because she gets folks running to the newsstand. “Rihanna sells, no matter how lazy and uninspiring the images are.” Oh, the shade.

ELLE‘s December issue featuring Rihanna is due to hit shelves in select cities on November 11, and will be available everywhere come November 18.

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