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The Iconic Will Cater to Your Needs on Weekends Now Too

Do you tend to leave things to the last minute? Do you live in Sydney? You’re going to love this. The Iconic has just launched a Saturday delivery service, starting this weekend, November 8, meaning you no longer have to rush to the shops just hours before your Saturday night takes off.

It’s the first Australian e-tailer to offer a weekend delivery service, as a direct response to the significant spike of Friday and Saturday visits since the beginning of the year. You’ll have to order by 10am on Saturday, and you’ll pay up to $7.95 for the quick turnaround.

“We are excited to work with our partners at Australia Post to make Saturdays a lot more stylish,” Adam Jacobs, The Iconic’s managing director and co-founder, says in a new release.

He added, “Now if you need a new outfit for the weekend, it’s as easy as ordering by Saturday morning to have something you love delivered to wear that night – queues and fighting for parking at the local shopping center are a thing of the past.”

The website continues to do no wrong, with 100-day free returns, 3-hour delivery within Sydney and Melbourne, and now this. If you live anywhere in Australia other than Sydney, we apologise that you miss out on this offer. But if The Iconic continues to keep their customers smiling, perhaps there’s something special coming for you too.