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Watch: Of Course Karl Lagerfeld’s Bodyguard Is Hot

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most powerful men in fashion, and all that influence needs to be protected accordingly. Knowing Lagerfeld, he’s not going to pick any ol’ Joe to cover his neck. No, the Chanel creative director deserves better and naturally, he’s got a major hottie working his security detail. Meet Sebastien Jondeau, the guy who keeps Lagerfeld safe every day. Vogue U.K. did a shoot with the rather handsome Jondeau, quizzing him on what it takes to be a world-class bodyguard like himself. 

Of course, it would be a shame for the man’s looks to go to waste, so Lagerfeld is using Jondeau to front his namesake brand this season. Watch the video above to see just exactly what Jondeau’s job entails — besides being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

P.S. If you can’t get enough of Jondeau, he has an Instagram profile with a ton of selfies for your viewing pleasure.

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