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Schiaparelli Presses on with Couture After Zanini’s Departure

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

Since the label announced the departure of its creative director on Friday, the fashion world has been wondering what the next move will be for the house of Schiaparelli. Marco Zanini served at the helm of the label for a mere two seasons and was ousted after several rumors that the designer was displeased with what was going on at the house. Schiaparelli’s people released a statement on Friday assuring the public that it would soon announce a successor, and it looks like the fashion house had better get a move on as it plans to show a couture collection for the Spring 2015 season. 

How that collection will be shown is a different story. According to WWD, the label still has not decided how it will present the collection, which seems to be the least of its problems, considering it still has to find a designer to lead the house. Sources say that Zanini and Schiaparelli owner Diego Della Valle, whose “forte is accessories, shoes and bags,” had a strained working relationship. The source notes Della Valle’s shrewd business outlook as a possible obstacle for any designer looking to join the label. “I don’t know how much he really believes in rtw and I don’t really see him backing a couture project, independently of whoever designs the collections.”

Internal difficulties aside, Zanini’s departure definitely does not look good for Schiaparelli. After disappearing for 60 years, the fact that the house’s revival has already been so rocky could make customers and investors uncertain about Schiaparelli’s future. Were things so terrible that they couldn’t be resolved? Zanini was only there for two seasons. Though we don’t have information on what went down behind-the-scenes, it does seem very odd that the pair couldn’t come to an agreement on anything. But perhaps Zanini’s departure is ultimately what was best for the brand. If the house couldn’t get it together now, who knows what other drama may have arisen if he’d stayed on.

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