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Christian Louboutin’s Newest Nail Polish Costs as Much as His Shoes

When Christian Louboutin debuted his $50 nail polish, we were all like, “Dang, $50? You could get a Drybar blowout for cheaper and it would probably last longer, plus you get free cookies and wine!” Yeah, we thought the price was pretty exorbitant then, but compared to the shoe designer’s newest lacquer? That $50 price tag looks like a mere drop in the bucket. 


All frivolities are valid in the name of luxury and Louboutin’s latest nail polish falls firmly into that category. Just in time for the holidays, the designer is releasing Starlight, a special edition of one of Louboutin’s signature red hues, except the bottle is decorated with 1,500 Strass crystals, hand-glued into a blinged-out gradient pattern. The precious polish comes in a velvet bag and is housed in a box decorated with red flowers and even more crystals. How much does such a fancy bottle of paint cost you? Oh, just $675.

Seriously — the cost of this bottle of lacquer is more than what you would pay for two pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes during a sample sale! And even at discounted prices, those shoes ain’t cheap. Heck, they’re even selling a pair of burgundy satin pumps right now that cost as much. But if the $675 price tag doesn’t bother you, then congratulations — you are Louboutin’s target customer and you are the kind of girl who has everything. Must be nice.

If you’ve got the cash, you can purchase a bottle at Christian Louboutin.

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