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Did Kim Kardashian Just Try to Recreate Solange Knowles’ Wedding Photos?

Kim Kardashian has solidified herself as a pop culture icon. She’s absolutely everywhere. Whether she’s taking ass shots on Instagram or on the cover of Paper magazine, the reality star is as ubiquitous as sand in the Sahara Desert. Last week, her name was on just about everyone’s lips for that now-infamous butt-tastic magazine cover. But once the weekend hit, people quickly forgot all about Kim’s derrière and focused instead on something more “deeply tasteful,” which was Solange Knowles’ beautiful and extremely stylish wedding in New Orleans. 

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Talk about breaking the Internet. Solange’s photos — particularly that EPIC portrait of her female friends and family standing strong in all-white, the singer’s ‘fro like a halo around her head, looking all celestial — were simply everything. It was truly a moment, and definitely some of the best celebrity wedding photos we’ve seen. Plus, it didn’t take four days to produce, which is more than we can say for Kim’s wedding photo, which Kanye West spent a chunk of his honeymoon trying to perfect.

We’re sure that by now, Kim has already seen Solange’s wedding photos, probably in a hotel room somewhere in Australia eating Vegemite and crackers in bed with a glass of white wine, fuming at the idea that Solo’s nuptials were more popular on Instagram than her own. You know she called up Kris Jenner all like, “MOOOM, I thought we were the only famous family allowed to have a wedding! How could you let this sort of devastating slayage happen?”

Something clearly needed to be done — after all, Kim can’t have some hipster shindig showing up her very lavish and high-profile nuptials like that. Especially since she wasn’t invited. Well, Kim finally got the opportunity to add herself as a footnote to celebrity wedding photo history yesterday, courtesy of her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. The makeup guru posted an image to Instagram of herself, Kim and two other members of the reality star’s Aussie entourage standing with a troop of armless mannequins.



A photo posted by jOYCEBONELLi (@joycebonelli) on

The similarities between this image and Solange’s were not lost on any of the commenters, who immediately called out Kim and her crew for trying to bite off the Losing You singer’s pics. “You wanna be that Queen Bee… but you can’t be that’s why you mad at her #girlbye #behive,” one commenter wrote. “Clearly copied from Beyonce and her sister. Smh lmao,” read another. Bonelli quickly blocked any and all members of the Beyhive, who dared offer a negative comment on Kim’s bootleg shots.

Kim, girl you tried it. Between this and her attempts to “break the radio” by reading a passage from Fifty Shades of Grey, we think it’s high time she heard four little magic words: “That’s enough, Kim Kardashian.” We get it. You’re a pop culture icon. We can barely go through a day without hearing about your boob slipping out at an event or some fashion designer you partied with. But can’t other people, namely people who are not related to you, have their moment in the sun? We don’t know for sure if she was trying to Kardashianize a Knowles moment, but it seems just a little coincidental that Kim would take this picture so soon after Solange and her crew of ivory-clad BAMFs stormed the Internet with those perfect portraits.

Meanwhile, Solange is probably somewhere beautiful enjoying her honeymoon with her husband with not a care in the world for Kim’s hurt feelings. 

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