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Franca Sozzani Is Not Pleased with Milan’s 5-Day Fashion Week

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

It looks like Giorgio Armani isn’t the only one not feeling Milan’s five-day Fashion Week. Last season, the Italian city enjoyed (or rather, didn’t enjoy) a shorter week — five days as opposed to the usual six. Next season, thanks to Armani, it will be six again after the designer insisted on it to the Italian Fashion Chamber’s great delight.

Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani will probably also be stoked about the extra day. The editrix sat down with WWD and the topic of Milan’s shortened schedule came up. Sozzani made clear her disapproval, saying that it is up to Italy’s fashion set to make changes, so that this never happens again.

“We lack an organization that will support fashion week. The five-day week shows a lack of vision and that we are not able to command respect,” she said. “I am not saying it’s anyone’s fault in particular, it’s our fault. We have the highest concentration of brands, how can we accommodate everyone in four or five days? In New York there are between four and six big designers, and the shows last one week. There is something wrong here. It’s our fault. We can’t stand up for it. They take our ads, don’t they? Why don’t they want to stay longer in Milan? Why do we have to comply? We have the most beautiful brands, they are Italians.”

Shade to the New York designers aside, Sozzani does have a point. It’s up to the Italians to demand a longer week, although it looks like Mr. Armani is taking the initiative on that end. 

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