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Good Luck Getting L.L.Bean Boots This Holiday Season Because You Probably Won’t

Image: L.L. Bean

Image: L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean is going to have to step its game up real quick. The brand’s famous Bean Boots are back in style, and due to the increasing demand, the company is having a tough time keeping up with orders. One quick look at the website is proof of the overwhelming interest in the classic footwear. If you attempt to order a women’s pair of 8″ boots, be prepared to wait until early February or March to get them. The earliest available dates for most pairs are in January. How is that supposed to help the 60,000 to 100,000 customers during the polar vortex and crazy snow that could hit us this winter? It won’t. 

The company is apparently inundated with that many requests for its functional footwear, and it’s no easy feat to deliver. Just learning how to properly stitch the boots can take as long as six months. L.L.Bean has purchased another molding machine to help reach demand, but that is doing little good as the majority of the boots won’t be available until after winter starts…or is about to end. L.L.Bean says that a lot of customers are kids in high school or college, which is why there is such gridlock. 

Bean Boots are hand stitched by a team of experts, so that could be contributing to why it’s taking so long to fulfill orders. But one thing is clear — with the demand for these boots swiftly rising, it may be time for the folks at L.L.Bean to consider taking the operation to the next level in order to accommodate everyone. Or perhaps it would help for the brand to reconsider how it actually makes the boots in the first place and look for faster options. L.L.Bean prides itself on craftsmanship, but it seems that is the root of the issue. 

So, if you wanted to cop a pair of snow boots this winter, our suggestion is to start searching for a different brand.