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Miranda Kerr Jeopardises Monochrome Magic with a Barbie-Pink Handbag in Japan

Miranda Kerr is reverting back to her old monochromatic ways, after briefly dabbling in embellished ensembles and debatable metallic slacks, turning to safe black-and-white pieces for her touchdown at Japan’s Narita International Airport yesterday.

Miranda Kerr

Photo: Jun Sato/Getty

Well, almost. The patterned midi dress, daring knee-high boots, and her casually-draped-over-the-shoulders coat would have been monochrome magic, if that hot-pink handbag hadn’t reared its Barbie-lovin’ head.

It’s a shame, really, because other than the ultra-girlie accessory, which looked even more princessy with the attached mini white handbag, the 31-year-old supermodel could have nailed her tough-feminine street vibe, which we’ve grown to love.