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Watch: Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are Totes Adorable in Forever 21’s Holiday Video

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Iggy Azalea and her bae, Nick Young, just keep getting cuter in their role as Forever 21’s holiday faces, this time quizzing each other through a game of “questions from a hat” in the high-street brand’s latest promotional video.

Iggy ditches her fishnet tights and skintight ensembles for the festive video, wearing a furry white sweater while kicking back next to her main main, Nick, who’s in a white slim-fitting top, accessorised with a red-tartan scarf and tassled beanie. Oh, and the two don matching triple-stripe knee-high socks. All together now: ca-ute!

The hat in question is actually a beanie because Christmas, with mind-boggling questions like “Would you rather live by the sea, or under the sea?” and more pressing matters like “Nick Young or Channing Tatum?” Apparently Iggy, like 99 per cent of the female population, thinks Channing is “hot”, creating a jealousy-riddled Nick who won’t let his girl check Channing, or his abs, out.

The Tatum tennis quickly comes to an end when Nick tells Iggy that his favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla. We think you can guess which flavour is Iggy’s favourite. Nick’s responses were about as cheesy as his grin throughout the entire clip, but you can watch him stare down Iggy for yourself in the video below.