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Miranda Kerr Talks Dating, Past Relationships and That Victoria’s Secret Contract as InStyle’s Cover Girl

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has put another magazine cover under her belt, adding InStyle Australia‘s January 2015 issue to her impressive portfolio. While her interviews usually talk about her skincare line or how amicable she and baby-daddy Orlando Bloom are post-divorce, this time the 31-year-old supermodel revealed a little more for the glossy, including what she’s learned from past relationships, dating as a mother, and, at last, that Victoria’s Secret contract.

Miranda fronts a lot of campaigns, but she has revealed to InStyle Australia that her terminated contracts with Victoria’s Secret and David Jones, which both came to an abrupt dead end last year, actually worked in her favour. 

“When I didn’t continue the contracts with Victoria’s Secret and David Jones it freed me up a lot,” Miranda explained. “With Victoria’s Secret, I used to travel a lot and I couldn’t do that being a mother,” she continued, even though she’s been globetrotting for brands like Wonderbra and Escada this year. “Now I make sure that I work a certain amount of days and then I’ll have days off with Flynn.”

But as much as she loves being a mother to her three-year-old-pride and joy, Miranda admits it’s not easy to date as a parent. “Unless I was going into a serious relationship, it’s important to try and not confuse my son,” Miranda explained.

And, on the topic of a “serious relationship” with one of the world’s most beautiful women, Miranda let all the potential suitors out there know what it takes. “I’ve learned communication is key; that it’s really important to be honest and open about what you’re feeling,” Miranda said.

“It’s okay to have a bad day. In my past relationships, I always wanted to be strong and empowered but actually it’s empowering sometimes to say, ‘I need help’ or ‘I can’t do this alone’ or ‘Today’s been really tough for me’,” she continued. “It’s important to a healthy relationship.”

To read the full interview, be sure to grab InStyle Australia‘s January 2015 issue, on news stands now.

[Via InStyle Australia]