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Olympia Valance is the New Face of Gossard Lingerie

From Ramsay Street to the UK fashion industry, Olympia Valance has just been crowned as the new “Gossard Girl” for Gossard Lingerie. The Australian Neighbours star is proving she’s just got just as much sex appeal as her half-sister Holly Valance, by stripping down to her smalls in her new role for the British retail brand.

“It’s official! @olympiavalance is out new Gossard girl!!! We are all so excited!” the label wrote to its Instagram. While some customers are thrilled with the move, writing things like, “Congrats” and “Cannot. Handle. Wow”, Instagram user @reds_mami1212 is worried about what this means for long-time Gossard ambassador Elle Liberachi.

“Confused? Isn’t Elle your gossard girl? Who’s won you awards for the past few years? Didn’t she just shoot your campaign? Cheeky I must say!!!!!! Replacing her for all her hard work what a nice reward! And I thought you were a British brand?” The user commented, alongside a photo of Olympia sprawled across a couch in Gossard underwear.

It’s uncertain if Olympia will replace British Elle, who is currently being used on the brand’s website, or simply play the brunette to her blonde, like Eva Smite has in the last few campaigns. If the behind-the-scenes shots are anything to go by, it looks like Olympia is flying solo.