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Did J.Crew Tell Jenna Lyons to Cut Down the ‘Self-Promotion?’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Jenna Lyons has become something of a poster girl for J.Crew, which is understandable since the designer seems so darn cool. Her quirky personal style has transformed her into something of a star herself — and rumor has it the executives at J.Crew aren’t too pleased about it.

The retailer is reportedly going through some serious financial woes, losing $607.8 million in net income this year and is scrambling to shape up. According to Page Six, the label has allegedly turned on Lyons, asking her to reel it in and remember that she’s a designer, not a starlet. Sources say that J.Crew feels that Lyons’ exploits with the rich and famous — appearances on HBO’s Girls, her trip to New Orleans for Solange Knowles’ wedding and her girl talk session with the Duchess of Cambridge — are interfering with her work and she needs to dedicate more time to helping dig the company out of this hole, rather than cruising around with her famous pals. 

J.Crew denies giving Lyons any such instruction and we hope the company didn’t because who is a better ambassador for J.Crew than the designer? Also, hanging around with some of pop culture’s most influential people couldn’t possibly hurt the brand so much that Lyons would have to fall back. Any woman that looks better than Beyoncé as a guest at one of the most stylish weddings of the year is clearly doing something right in her life.

You keep doing you, Jenna.

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