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Lingerie Thief Foiled When Stash Collapses Ceiling

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

How much underwear do you think you could collect in a year? 100 pairs? 365? Well, if you are Yulin, China lingerie thief Tan, it’s about 2,000 pairs. Over the past year, this creepy theif was lifting underwear from neighbors in his building, using a master key to get inside each apartment. Tan would pay his unlucky neighbors a visit while they were out and would hide his booty in the ceiling tiles in the stairwell of the building.

The skivvies-stealing plan seemed be going great until, like Icarus, Tan flew a little too close to the sun and came crashing back down to earth – or rather, the evidence (sorta) fell out of the sky. His stash was safe in the ceiling until he added so much new underwear to his stockpile, the ceiling tile collapsed, exposing his crime. 

Tan says that he has a mental illness and he simply couldn’t help himself. Still, we don’t know if we should be extra creeped out that he hoarded all the underwear in his building, or a little impressed that he managed to keep much of the mess out of his apartment. Either way, the guy collected a lot of underwear over the year, which makes us wonder where he found the time to hoard so much. You know what? We don’t even really want to know.

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