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Hilarious New Year’s Shorts from #HotMessMoves and LOFT

LOFT is not done bringing you the laughs this holiday season. The retailer tapped the girls of SRSLY to star in a few hilarious Christmas-themed shorts and now, it has recruited the talents of #HotMessMoves to put a humorous spin on all the ins and outs of keeping (or not keeping) New Year’s resolutions, deleting people you shouldn’t be talking to in 2015 from your phone, making the effort to finally learn how to cook a meal and more. Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman are the brains and faces behind the comedy duo, whose hilarious YouTube channel boasts a following over 21,000 strong. For LOFT, the pair shot four videos that are launching on the website today.

The shorts are, of course, very funny and had us intrigued about the women behind the alarmingly true-to-life skits. We caught up with Ashley and Lyle to learn a little more about their partnership with LOFT, ghosts of New Year’s past and of course, their resolutions for 2015.

theFashionSpot: How did you arrive on the concepts for the videos?

Lyle Friedman: LOFT suggested we stick with the seven deadly sins for the Vines. And then the concept of us doing our best to better ourselves in real ways. New Year’s is almost adorable in how many of us get excited about being able to be different human beings in an instant. But it’s like, if you don’t know how to cook in 2014…you won’t January 1, 2015, either. Enroll in a class or recruit a helpful parent, put in a month or two of practice, you can bake a chicken, sure! But who wants to do that? 

Ashley Skidmore: Unfortunately, most of our videos come from real life, true situations. Most of the time when we’re writing, we just pull from old texts and phone conversations to remind each other of the dumb stuff we’ve gotten into. I mean look, it’s never not fun writing each other’s horror stories, but to tell you the truth, writing #HotMessMoves is a bit like therapy. You have to look back on your fails and laugh sometime…right? We have to do that, right? 

tFS: What’s your worst/craziest New Year’s Eve memory?

LF: I made some random dude make out with me out of boredom in Pittsburgh. It was a Mad Men themed party…the people were terrible, but dressed really nicely. It was disconcerting. 

AS: Worst was definitely the year I met Lyle and spent the whole night drinking an entire bottle of champagne and then a whole lot of whiskey, vomiting in the bathroom at the Brooklyn Lyceum and then peeing on the sidewalk in front of the person I was mad crushin’. Even writing this now, though, makes me love that memory. NO REGRETS!!! IT’S A NEW YEAR, BABY!

tFS: No one knows the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne” — any suggestions for a new New Year’s theme song?

LF: One of the songs of D’Angelo’s new album? Seems like that man knows what he’s doing. 

AS: For sure something by Heart. Isn’t there a saying like if you want to move forward you have to first examine the past or something? Look, Heart is always good. Don’t question the rock queens. 

tFS: What is your biggest NYE do and don’t?

LF: Do: Keep the expectations down low. Don’t: Drunk text the past. I’m talking to myself here. 

AS: Do: Kiss anyone and everyone at New Year’s, even if you don’t have a designated person. Some of the best kisses I’ve had have been lady love with gal pals. Don’t: Mix whiskey with champagne. See above. 

tFS: Would you rather wear a sparkly dress or tuxedo on New Year’s?

LF: Sparkly tuxedo. Duh. 

AS: Sparkly tux, baby! But wear a dress under because yo, those parties get hot and my B.O. does not need to start me out wrong in 2015.

tFS: Who would be your dream midnight kiss?

LF: Miles Teller. 

AS: Amy Poehler. No, Nick Kroll. Both? Can I have them both at once? 

tFS: What was your favorite part about doing these videos?

LF: We always have fun making comedy with such lovely friends. We have the most wonderful crew. Can I talk about them? I’m going to talk about them. Abby Horton on art direction, Glenn Boozan directing, Nicole Rogers on makeup, Amy Obarski our lovely DP…I feel like I’m announcing the band. Essentially, they’re all hysterical and perfect. They’re the best women in the world. 

AS: Working with the fabulous Glenn Boozan, our director. She is a comedy goddess sent from heaven above. 

tFS: What are your resolutions this year?

LF: Money management. Anyone want to help me? 

AS: Stop anxiety shopping. Maybe replace it with like SoulCycle or something. But like…stop anxiety shopping. I’m becoming a young hoarder.

tFS: What’s the resolution that’s the easiest for you to break?

LF: Money management. (This is where I would insert that emoji with the nervous teeth smile.)

AS: Drunk texting people I shouldn’t. I always tell myself, “This is the year,” but guess what, I’ve accepted reality and this is just who I am, OK?