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eBay Unveils Its Most Shopped Items in 2014


Sales of that hat were up 43 percent.

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Just in time for 2015, eBay has unveiled its most shopped items for the past year. It’s fascinating to watch our spending habits unfold — data in action! The findings? The online marketplace’s client base has a solid foot in the pop culture world, and is deeply inspired by what transpires in blogs and tabloids. The Royals, North West and Amal Clooney all affected sales. Can we blame them? Who doesn’t want to dress like royalty, whether it’s Hollywood, music or otherwise?

The findings were interesting, fact-nerds will no doubt love these: Over a million sneakers (a 12 percent increase from last year) were sold on the site. Fitbit won the war over Google Glass (but who didn’t see that coming?) with 370,000 more Fitbits sold versus the specs. And eBay users are far more into Matisse than Koons with 2,000 items related to the Impressionist’s work selling over Koons.

More tidbits:

Overalls Are the New Yoga Pants: “530K pairs of dungarees sold on eBay this year compared to nearly 423K pairs of yoga pants.”

Give Me [Royal Baby] Fever: Prince George made Cath Kidston sales boost up to 107,000 this year. Meanwhile, Balmain, courtesy of North West, saw a 4 percent increase YOY.

The Cold War: Frozen has trumped Barbie, selling 1.7 million items versus Barbie’s 338,000. So long, dream house.

Blame Pharrell: If you didn’t think the Vivienne Westwood hat Pharrell was rocking was going to be a major player on eBay, you haven’t been paying attention. Sales for what the site calls Mountain Hats, aka the Viv, increased 43 percent versus 2013. 

The Oscars: When Amal Clooney wore Oscar de la Renta for her wedding, brides-to-be around the world created entirely new Pinterest boards dedicated to her dress. And thus, more than 11,000 ODLR items sold on eBay. (If you’re wondering about Kim Kardashian, 5,000 Givenchy items were sold in 2014, but who’s to say it’s due to her.)