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The Bondi Hipsters Spoof of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad is Ahmazing

It was only a matter of time before parodies of Justin Bieber and Lara Stone’s Calvin Klein campaign started rolling in, and we’re so glad The Bondi Hipsters have kicked things off.  The pair took to Facebook yesterday to show fans their personal take on the shoot, this time with chest hair, love handles and man-on-man fondling. Be warned: the results will leave you in stitches.

Dom Nader and Adrian Archer — real nahms Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshie — told their Facebook fans that, although they commend Biebs for giving “zero shits” in the campaign, and refer to his modelling skills as “groundbreaking and heroic,” they feel they’ve brought “something edgier and slightly more realistic to the table.” That they did, picking belly button lint and taking even more piss with hashtags like #mydeadeyes and #mystolenchildhood replacing the now-famous #mycalvins.

Their body hair and physiques may have been miles apart from the singer’s bald tattooed biceps, but if we’ve learned anything from this reshoot it’s that nailing the “100% genuine blank-as-fuck thousand-yard stare” is the most important thing. Compare the gazes for yourself in the gallery below.

Photos: Facebook