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In Touch Weekly Is Dead Wrong for This Bruce Jenner Cover

Just when you started to have a glimmer of hope for humanity, someone always swoops in to ruin it. Today’s culprit is In Touch Weekly magazine, which released the cover for its latest edition. The results? Yeah, they’re more than just a little offensive.

For months, there has been speculation surrounding Bruce Jenner’s changing appearance with many people guessing that the Olympian cum reality star is transitioning to become a woman. Bruce hasn’t confirmed any of this, but rumors have been swirling that he had his Adam’s apple shaved down, and paparazzi images of him with a longer coif and painted nails have done nothing to quell speculation.

Image: InTouch

Image: In Touch

But this right here? This is just plain wrong. Bruce is pictured on the magazine’s cover decked out in full-on lady regalia. In Touch Photoshopped an image of the reality star with a full face of makeup; blush, lipstick, the works, finishing the look with a silk scarf wrapped around his neck. The cover is supremely transphobic and insensitive. TMZ says ex-wife Kris Jenner is furious over the cover and has allegedly told close friends, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.” We’d have to agree.

The accompanying story claims that Bruce is ready to come out and will do so for the cover of LGBT magazine The AdvocateQuotes from phantom sources say, “He wants to look as glamorous as possible — full makeup with a bold wardrobe. He won’t live his new life in designer clothes like the Kardashian women. He just wants his first official portrait as a woman to be classic and memorable.”

Transitioning can be an emotionally trying and awkward situation for those going through it and to publish a cover basically mocking one man’s journey is the height of insensitivity. Besides, until Bruce confirms that he is undergoing this process, it is quite presumptuous of In Touch to publish a story like this. Sure, much of the “news” celebrity tabloids put out isn’t real anyway, but this cover seems to be more about ridiculing the man than anything else. It’s wrong. And it’s a huge misstep on In Touch‘s part. Although we wonder if the people who approved this highly offensive cover knew just how problematic it is, but went with it anyway to sell copies. 

Either way, they’re wrong for this and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a lawsuit coming the magazine’s way on behalf of Mr. Jenner.

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