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Bruce Jenner’s Head Was Superimposed Onto a ‘Dynasty’ Star’s Torso on In Touch

The biggest Photoshop fail of 2015 so far has to be In Touch Weekly‘s cover depicting a possibly transitioning Bruce Jenner as a woman. The image, which seems to be mocking the reality star’s still-unconfirmed transition process, shows Mr. Jenner’s head on the body of a woman in a red blouse and printed scarf along with badly Photoshopped makeup on his face. 

Image: InTouch

Image: In Touch

Turns out the mystery woman who provided the model for Bruce’s torso is 67-year-old Stephanie Beacham of the 80s hit series Dynasty. The actress is even wearing a similar shade of lipstick in the original photo, though the graphic designers decided to edit out her gold earrings. Guess they thought that garish makeup was more than good enough to mock the poor guy.

Bruce was looking quite gloomy, caught by the paparazzi in Calabasas yesterday. We would be in a bad mood, too, if we were put on blast in such an insensitive manner by a national publication.

Keep your head up, Bruce!

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