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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Collection Is Finally Getting a Showroom

Sarah Jessica Parker just found a better place to display her shoes than the steps of 66 Perry Street. The actress launched her range with Nordstrom of footwear last year and still had no showroom location to show all her little shoesies at once. That is, until now. 

You can thank property boss Francesco Bardazzi for SJP’s new setup. The executive vice president of PD properties is putting Ms. Parker and her shoes in a spot at 156 Fifth Ave. The 3,000 square-foot Flatiron location will carry SJP’s wares and will open up during New York Fashion Week, which makes us wonder if Parker will show next season’s collection in tandem with this opening. We sure hope so!

The location is still under construction, but at least you can all sleep better tonight knowing that SJP’s found a big enough closet to hold all her branded shoes.

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