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Is the Moon a Planet or a Star? Isaac Mizrahi Investigates

Isaac Mizarhi is a fashion designer – not an astronomer. So you will forgive him for this hilarious exchange with QVC host Jane Treacy as to what celestial body the moon actually is (hint: it’s just a moon.) The designer was on hand to show off his latest wares for the shopping network, which Treacy seemed to think looked like a view of Earth from a planet she likes to call “the moon.” Uh, wut?

Mizrahi is quick to throw shade at the hostess’ mistake, but soon after, he backtracks. “The moon is a planet, darling,” he says like he’s sure of it. They go back and forth, until they arrive on the correct answer: The moon is not a planet.

Watch the whole hilarious exchange above, and just be glad Isaac Mizrahi and Treacy aren’t employed by NASA.

[via Gawker]