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5 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Be in Karl Lagerfeld’s Entourage

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As you may have suspected, being friends with Karl Lagerfeld is awesome. Not that we’d know from experience, but after reading The New York Times‘ profile on Brad Kroenig, male model, muse and member of the designer’s devastatingly good-looking entourage (which includes boxer and bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau), it sounds pretty friggin’ great. Here’s why:

You Get to Hang Out with Hot People All Day

Rule number one for getting into Lagerfeld’s crew? You must be attractive. “I hate ugly people,” Lagerfeld tells The New York Times. “Very depressing.” Indeed!

You Get Awesome Gifts

Lagerfeld loves to make sure his crew is on fleek at all times, so the designer lavishes his friends with fabulous gifts. On the way to Chanel’s Dubai show, Kaiser Karl had a present for Mr. Kroenig once he boarded the plane. “Lagerfeld rummaged in one of his many shopping bags and fished out a matching light blue Givenchy tank top and shirt with their tags still attached. ‘For Dubai,’ he said, handing them to Brad.” For Hudson, Brad’s young son and Chanel muse, Fendi purses.

You Get the Hookup for Modeling Jobs

Why would Lagerfeld keep so many hot guys around him if he wasn’t going to photograph them? The 35-year-old Brad attributes his continued career in modeling to Lagerfeld’s patronage: “Brad has become the beneficiary of Lagerfeld’s productivity, appearing on his runways and in his ads. That Brad continues to work well into his 30s is due in no small part to having Lagerfeld as his champion. ‘If I never met Karl, there’s no way I’d still be modeling,’ he said.”

You Can Fly in the Same Kind of Plane Oprah Owns 

Lagerfeld’s private plane is the same model as billionaire Oprah Winfrey. To quote rapper Drake, “That’s luxury, dawg.”

Access to Exclusive Choupette Photos

Since Brad is tight with Lagerfeld, the BFFs text back and forth all the time. And what, pray tell, does Lagerfeld talk about in these texts? Brad’s wife spills: “We’ll text him photos of the kids, he’ll text us photos of Choupette.”  

In conclusion, Brad Kroenig, you have the best life ever. And please forward us some photos of Choupette. We know you have them.

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