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Chart the Changing Shape of the Ideal Female Body Through the Decades

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As the decades crawl by, beauty standards change. That goes for makeup, hair and body standards, the latter of which is shown in a series of infographics created by charting the evolution over the past 100 years of the perfect female body. And guess what? The ideals were just as virtually unattainable for a lot of women a century ago as they are now. 

in the 1910s, women pulled their corsets into oblivion to cinch their waists. In the 20s, it was the sweet and petite boyish body that women wanted. Fast forward to the 80s, where tall, athletic women ruled and into the 90s when Kate Moss’ waifish figure was in. Body standards are like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other, the only thing consistent are its chances of swinging back.

Today, a small waist and a big booty are all the rage, and who knows? By 2020, we could go be looking at a figure with an undefined waist, giant boobs and a flat butt. But if the charts do anything, it’s that though the shape of the ideal body has changed, the pressure on women and the lengths they will go to achieve it has not. 

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