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Three Nude Models Take Over Sydney’s Beaches for Racy Photo Shoot

Boys around the world are about to get very hot and bothered, thanks to photos surfacing of three nude models frolicking in Sydney’s beaches.

Avril Alexander

Image: @avrilrae

In a project for website All My Friends Are Models, Kendal Schuler, Miriam Adler and Avril Alexander headed to Lady Jane Beach in Watsons Bay to be photographed by the creatives at It’s Now Cool.

All My Friends Are Models founder Sasha Benz styled the shoot, which at times consisted of frilly candy-striped and leopard one-pieces, but for the most part saw the trio in just their bikini bottoms or baring all their fruits of nature. Meanwhile, fishermen and such appeared to be going about their business in the background like it was any ol’ day at the beach.

Not everyone’s a friendly fisherman, though, and aren’t impressed with the nudity the website offers from time to time. Alongside an image of Kendal, Avril and Miriam, the All My Friends Are Models’ Instagram wrote, “Oh and p.s whoever keeps reporting our photos, please stop following us as opposed to ruining everyone else’s fun. This is our work and we do it respectfully and work damn hard to produce these images.”

In fact, you can see just how hard the team worked on this shoot by checking out all the behind-the-scenes shots on Facebook, or wait until the official editorial is up on the All My Friends Are Models website. Oh, and if you thought three girls thrusting up on one another was raunchy, you should check out the website’s  “Sex and Takeout” shoot, revealing all the benefits of eating in.