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Naomi Campbell Nailed Her Debut on Empire Last Night

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Model, reality TV star and now primetime actress Naomi Campbell made her debut on Fox’s new show Empire last night. And while the appearance was glorious, it was all too brief.

Naomi plays Camilla, secret girlfriend of Hakeem, the young son of Empire record executive Lucious Lyon played by Terrence Howard, who’s poised to inherit the company. The model makes a grand entrance in a nightclub (with that signature walk, of course) rocking a gold sequin jumpsuit. Later in the episode, we see her making out with her shirtless young thang as she requests for him to be more public about their relationship. Her intentions do seem a bit suspicious — she seems to be quite focused on Hakeem’s possible takeover of the record label, so we’re expecting quite a bit of drama to unfold on that front.

Producer and co-creator Lee Daniels said we were in for a “beautiful” performance from Ms. Campbell. Not that we would know from this one episode since she was in it for probably less than five minutes. Still, we look forward to seeing more of Naomi (she appears in four episodes) living her best life and making out with boys half her age who call her mama.