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First Menswear Designer Wins H&M Design Award

Image: @ximonlee

Image: @ximonlee

H&M’s Design Award hit a milestone yesterday as the retailer announced its first menswear designer as the winner of the coveted prize. Ximon Lee, a 24 year old from China, took home the honor, which includes $56,000 (or 50,000 euros), a collaboration with the retailer and a mentorship.

Using a lot of denim and drawing inspiration from the 2005 documentary The Children of Leningradsky, Lee created a 22-piece range with lots of volume and layering with a semi-sculptural feel. Wide-leg trousers and culottes along with ballooning T-shirt sleeves were rendered in shades of blue, black and white with patchwork and ombre galore.

Lee hopes that this win will put him on the path to designing for his very own label out of New York City. If this win is any indication, it looks like he may one day fulfill his dream.

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