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Topshop Clears up Kendall/Kylie Collaboration Rumors

Ivan Nikolov/

Ivan Nikolov/

It seems as if every day the world gets some new morsel of Kardashian-Jenner news. Yesterday, rumors hit the web that the youngest of the reality TV brood, Kendall and Kylie, were in talks with Topshop on a capsule collection. Today, Topshop has a full explanation for the story.

Turns out, Kendall and Kylie won’t be designing anything exclusively for Topshop. But that doesn’t mean the sisters won’t have a presence in store. A rep for the retailer told Vogue UK that it is trying to strike up a deal with the Jenner girls to exclusively sell their Kendall & Kylie collection at Topshop.

So, no, the Jenners aren’t putting out a Kate Moss or Beyoncé-style collaboration with the retailer, but the peasant blouses and skater dresses they peddle through their namesake collection (now available at PacSun) will probably be coming to a Topshop near you this summer. 

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