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Stop Panicking: Lip Smackers Aren’t Going Anywhere

lip-smacker-party pack

Get ’em while they’re hot! Lip Smacker Party Pack, $9.69 at Rite Aid

Last week it was reported that after nearly 90 years, family-owned Bonne Bell Company was shutting down manufacturing and distribution operations at its Westlake, Ohio headquarters and as a result, 91 employees were expected to be laid off. From vanilla and mango to cotton candy and the famous Dr Pepper flavor, Lip Smacker lip gloss was all the rage for any beauty obsessed girl growing up.

The news of the cult favorite brand broke our inner tween hearts and hit close to home for our social media manager. “Lip Smackers were a gift bag staple at every Bat Mitzvah and were a go-to present for Valentine’s Day,” Meg reflected. The fun, cheeky glosses are hallmarks of our youth and were present for many first kisses, but before you start freaking out — don’t.

Thanks to an acquisition by California-based Markwins International Corporation, the folks behind Wet n Wild and Physicians Formula, Lip Smacker will continue to remain in our lives. Yesterday, Lip Smacker tweeted this message, which eased our minds:

Phew! Let the nostalgia live on.