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Bruce Jenner’s Mom Reportedly Supports His Transition

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Bruce Jenner has had a lot of accomplishments in his lifetime. The 65 year old is an Olympic gold medalist and a famous reality TV star, but his mother, Esther Jenner, is more proud of her son than ever. The Jenner matriarch spoke to Radar Online about her son’s alleged transition, saying she supports her son in this crucial time. “I have never been more proud of Bruce for who he is, himself as a father, as an Olympian, a wonderful public speaker. He instills enthusiasm in people. He’s gifted,” she said.

Bruce is reportedly scheduled to do a sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer addressing his transition, which is due to air in May. Esther says she’s just learning about her son’s decision to go through these changes, but believes in him. “Right now I am more proud of him for what he’s allowing himself to do. I am more proud of him now than when he stood on that podium and put the gold medal around his neck. He deserves all the respect.”

The rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has kept pretty mum on Bruce’s life changes, though Kim did tell Entertainment Tonight that the reality TV patriarch will “tell his story his way” and that he is “the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”

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