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Kim Kardashian is Naked AGAIN for Love Magazine — But Here’s What We Really Want to See

Had enough of seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked body? Katie Grand sure doesn’t care if you have. More photos from the reality star’s 30+ page spread in this forthcoming issue of Love magazine have surfaced and quite frankly, we almost wish they hadn’t. The latest photo leaked today shows Kim, (oiled up, naturally), wearing a pair of glasses, a fur coat and nothing else. Sounds about standard for a fashion shoot, right? Well, we don’t know about you, but we couldn’t handle any more shots showing Kim in her full glory in one week. So we did what anyone would do: We added puppies and kittens to the photo. 


Judgy Cat says, “NOPE.”

Holy almost-labia, Batman! Even with our cute little friends, we’re dangerously close to seeing Kim K’s na-na, from an angle that might just be more pearl clutchingly uncomfortable than seeing her naked butt bent over. Wait. actually, we can’t decide which is more awkward. On the bright side, puppies and kitties! We’ll take comfort where we can get it in this wacky world. 

We’re all fashion lovers here. We understand that every once in a while there will be a little nudity in a fashion editorial – and we ain’t mad at it. Nudity can be chic and beautiful. But what did we ever do to deserve this? We get it: Kim is a cultural icon who likes to be naked and covered in baby oil. And we’re guessing that the folks at Love were kind enough to add adequate, uh, shading, to Kardashian’s ladyflower in this image (check out the original, you’ll see). But do we really need a Kanye’s-eye view of all her bits? Repeatedly?

Eh, we’re gonna go ahead and say no. But if you do want to see a slightly more NSFW version of the image, peep it here.

[h/t Complex]