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New Petition Calls for Magazines to Cut Down on the Use of Photoshop

Photoshop has become a regular feature in most of the images we see in the media. It’s at a point where if you don’t use Photoshop for a spread, campaign or any other mass produced image, it becomes news. Missing limbs, poreless skin and suspiciously trim features are a regular occurrence, but RAW Beauty Talks is trying to change all that.

RAW is an organization striving to bring a little more reality to our media beauty standards and help women embrace their unique, natural beauty. Its mission is to promote “transparency in media” when it comes to the images we see of women in our magazines, on our televisions and in advertising.

Image: Vogue

Image: Vogue

RAW has launched a petition calling for magazines like VogueELLE, Cosmopolitan and Glamour to reduce the amount of post-production Photoshop tweaking used on images. The petition cites statistics illustrating the negative effect these images have on young girls and women and also proposes a social media strategy to put pressure on magazines to curb the use of Photoshop. “We want to see cover girls and editorial in your magazines that don’t alter the already perfect bodies of the women you feature and don’t erase their fine lines or the unique attributes that make them truly beautiful,” the petition reads. “Remove a pimple or that crazy stray hair if you must, but other than that let their natural beauty shine!”

So far, over 1,700 people have signed to show their support for RAW’s initiative. It is certainly a noble cause — we can only hope the industry sits up and listens.