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Abbey Lee Kershaw’s Russh Magazine Cover: Smoking, Mermaids and Being an “Emotional Nut Job”

Everyone’s favourite grungy model Abbey Lee Kershaw is Russh magazine’s cover girl for February/March 2015, sharing her new-found love for acting, an almost-predictable obsession with anything and everything to do with mermaids, what her family thinks of her and more. If you’ve ever listened to anything Miss Abbey Lee has to say, you’ll know she’s never short of entertaining.

Photo: Russh

Photo: Russh

In her interview with the glossy, the 27-year-old, who rose to modelling fame as the fresh-faced winner of Girlfriend‘s Covergirl model search in 2004, revealed that her family think of her as “an emotional nut job” and that her home is not where her heart is, but rather where she unpacks her suitcase.

Since she added “actress” to her resume, Abbey Lee keeps herself busy as the modelling industry’s newest slashie. Taking the job ever-so-seriously since she landed a role in Mad Max: Fury Road, set for release this year, she reveals to Russh that her favourite thing about acting is that “reality means shit”, and, like other newbies in the biz, dreams of working with some big names during her career. 

These include international stars like Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale and Juliette Lewis, but Abbey admits the last time she was starstruck was in the presence of one of Australia’s greats, Geoffrey Rush, on the set of Gods of Egypt. “I started smoking again just to start a conversation with him,” Abbey explained. “‘Hi Geoffrey, you have a spare cigarette?’,” she asked, even though she was already six days into quitting.

Having graced Vogue covers and the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, Abbey Lee also told Russh how surprised she is with how short everyone in the acting industry is. If we were hanging out with leggy skyscrapers for the better part of a decade, we’d think anything under 5″11 was teeny-weeny too. 

And although Abbey Lee is still lending her unique genetics to the world of modelling, obviously, she can pinpoint one main difference in acting. “I have vocal chords,” she tells Russh. An interesting point considering her infatuation with The Little Mermaid, who loses her vocal cords on the journey to her new life.

Seriously, her favourite movie growing up was, and still is now, The Little Mermaid, plus she admits that she believes in the mystical creatures and is always on the lookout for them. Oh, and her dream role would be to play Ariel in, you guessed it, The Little Mermaid. Maybe she’ll get cast alongside fellow model-turned-actress Andreja Pejic in Sofia Coppola’s live-action adaptation of the Disney classic. Now that, would be one heck of a lineup.

To read the entire interview, pick up a copy of Russh on news stands from February 12.