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Why Madonna Was Dressed Like a Matador Last Night

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

One of last night’s biggest Grammy Awards fashion moments came from Madonna, for whom the theme of the night seemed to be toreador realness, as the singer paraded around in bedazzled matador-esque looks from Givenchy. Creative Director Riccardo Tisci teamed up with stylist B. Åkerlund to create the looks to coincide with the theme of the singer’s “Living for Love” music video. 

Åkerlund thought it would be fun to again collaborate with the French fashion house — they’ve worked together before, famously for the Super Bowl. So, why a matador theme this time around? “I think the whole relationship between the matador and the bulls is something that we find a beautiful relationship, and [we] played with that—how she’s killing off the bulls and she’s the matador standing in the end,”  Åkerlund told “There’s a beautiful story for why the matadors fight the bulls and that also reflects life.”

Peep these images of Madonna’s looks below.


Images: Getty