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Eggy Azalea’s Grammys Hairdo Explained

Iggy Azalea

Photo: WENN

Iggy Azalea’s braided crown at the 2015 Grammys in LA last night caused quite the meme frenzy, our favourite being the bird’s nest filled with blue eggs. But the celebrity hairstylist responsible, Ursula Stephen, isn’t terribly phased that social media is making fun of her work, and has explained her decision to style Iggy’s hair in a way which spawned names such as Heidi, Eggy, Challah and “German woman from Shrek”.

Image: @power1063

Image: @power1063

Ursula explained to Fashionista that Iggy likes braids and her hair away from her face, and that this challenged her to come up with a way to put Iggy’s hair up in a unique and fun way. “When I saw the dress, I thought it was amazing but it’s a really classic, simple silhouette,” she said. “I didn’t want to go with something predictable like a simple bun or a side chignon. I wanted to give it a little personality.”

Image: @ladykatia_

Image: @ladykatia_

The hairstylist, who is responsible for RiRi’s fire-red braid at the 2011 Met Gala, had the vision of making Iggy feel “regal and elegant and queen-like“, and isn’t put off that people are having a joke about the interlaced do. “It doesn’t bother me,” Ursula told Fashionista.

“They’re talking and paying attention! A lot of girls are wearing halo and crown braids. It’s right on trend. I love it.” She added, “Kelly Osbourne’s stylist [Ryan Randall] did an amazing french roll on her and then he put it next to a picture of a croissant, because it looked like a croissant. But it still looked amazing! It’s not a bad thing. “

Iggy couldn’t give two fudges, either, pretty much saying we’re all basic b*tches on her Instagram account last night. “Oh! And once again I must mention, I fucking loved my hair. The world is full of basics. #ByeBye.”

Bye bye, Eggy!

[Via Fashionista]