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Margaret Cho Wants You to Ditch Your Handbag and Wear Her Jumpsuit Instead

Image: Betabrand

Image: Betabrand

Margaret Cho is a hilarious lady, but the comedienne is getting serious about fashion design, and destroying the tyranny of the handbag.

Margaret Cho is selling “The Solitaire,” a jumpsuit she created to double as a purse with its whopping six pockets. “I hate carrying a purse, I’m so not like that,” she says in the accompanying informational video on the piece. “I wanted people to do anything and go at a moment’s notice.” The hooded black twill jumpsuit has a gold zipper, ribbed cuffs and a smocked waist. It looks like something you can easily slip into, which we assume was Cho’s goal from the start. 

The piece, which is on sale at 10% off for $169.20 (down from a still-pricey $188), comes in quite a large range of sizes, from size X-Small to XX-Large, so plus-sized and petite fans alike can rock Cho’s latest. 

Cho crowdfunded the project and reached her goal earlier this month. But you’ll be waiting a bit if you’re looking to order the piece – the jumpsuit won’t ship until July. Sure, it skews a little janitorial, but throw on the right pair of heels and it’s a completely different jumpsuit. Hey, if socks and sandals can be chic…

You can purchase your very own Solitare jumpsuit at Betabrand

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