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All the Deets on Kim Kardashian’s Upcoming ANTM Gig

Kim Kardashian

Photo: WENN

Have you been wondering why Kim Kardashian has been chosen as a guest judge for Cycle 9 of Australia’s Next Top Model?  Don’t worry, we have too, and the answer is just as self-absorbed as you imagined.

Daily Mail Australia reports that Kim will set a challenge for the contestants to see who can take the best selfie, because if you can’t selfie then they’ll be damned if you can make it in the modelling industry.

The aspiring models will be dressed head-to-toe in Kardashian Kollection for their selfies, and Kim will judge the shots, presumably on criteria based on angles and levels of nudity. The winning selfie will be uploaded to Kim’s personal Instagram account as well as the Kardashian Kollection’s, reaching over 28 million combined followers. That’s some pretty major coverage, if Kim Kardashian is a “brand” you want to be associated with…

The 34-year-old joins other guest judges for the season including Linda Evangelista, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alessandra Ambrosio, and is clearly on the promo path for her new book, Selfish, which comes out on April 28 and features over 1,000 selfies of hers truly. It’s not what we’re used to seeing on ANTM, but, hey, if you want the world’s most selfie-ish person on your TV program, you’ve got to play by her rules.

Feel free to raise your eyebrows at any time, just make sure you do it on an angle.

[Via Daily Mail Australia]