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Why Kendall Jenner Wasn’t in Kanye West’s Adidas Presentation

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

There has been no shortage of opinions on Kanye West’s latest effort for Adidas. Some critics found the clothes inoffensive, others wondered why more people weren’t honestly analyzing the rapper’s fashion cred. But in the aftermath of the show, one thing is for certain: It was quite a production.

Behind-the-scenes details from the show are slowly trickling out and it looks like Kanye was keen on making sure his latest turn on the runway was perfect. Russell Simmons, who watched the show from the front row, confirmed that Yeezy put a lot of work into his first collection for Adidas. Russell claims that he visited Kanye as he was putting the show together, and that the rapper was “locked in that studio for 72 hours… I left, went to Chris Rock’s birthday, came back, he’s still there at 2 a.m.” Russell also noted that Kanye had enlisted the help of 30 stylists for the affair because you can’t have enough opinions when you’re trying to make body stockings look cool. 

Besides the clothes, many people noticed that Kylie, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner set, was chosen to appear in the presentation over her sister, buzzy model Kendall. According to Page Six, Kylie was reportedly the second choice after her big sis, who allegedly could not participate in Kanye’s presentation due to a deal she had with Alexander Wang. While one source says the rapper had always intended on using Kylie, another claims the casting was “a whole controversial thing” and that the thought process was, “If you can’t get Kendall, you get Kylie,” since Jenners are interchangeable and all.

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