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Cindy Crawford Still Looks Bangin’ in This Unretouched Photo

Ever wonder what Cindy Crawford looks like sans Photoshop? Now you can find out. An unretouched image of the supermodel from a December 2013 issue of Marie Claire Mexico leaked online, showing the model in nary but navy blue lingerie, a fur coat and a fedora.

ITV News anchor Charlene White posted the image, saying it was from an upcoming issue of the magazine’s American version, before Marie Claire swooped in to clear up the origins of the picture. But one thing the mag doesn’t deny: The 48-year-old looks damn great. “It’s real, it’s honest and it’s gorgeous,” the publication said in a statement posted to its website. 

The image was met with a lot of positive feedback on White’s Twitter page with several women voicing delighted reactions to the photo. “Made my day… So refreshing to see an un-photoshopped pic!” one commenter said. White elaborated on her feelings toward the image in a piece for The Guardian“It’s easy to underestimate the impact the images we see every day can have on us – and the language associated with that. Some commenters who have tweeted me have talked of Cindy being proud of her ‘flaws’. Flaws? Seriously? How did not having a six-pack suddenly become a flaw? And why are we okay with that?”

Cindy has yet to comment on the situation, but given the overwhelmingly positive reaction, we wager she isn’t too upset about being an inspiration to so many women.

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