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Saint Laurent Is Making Bank with Hedi Slimane

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

For all the criticism Hedi Slimane has received at the helm of Saint Laurent, you would think the house wasn’t doing well. But in reality, Saint Laurent is soaring. Parent company Kering announced sales figures for the label, and it turns out that since hiring Slimane, revenue for the house has continued to increase. 

Since Slimane’s stint at the helm of Saint Laurent started three years ago, the brand has doubled its revenue, clocking in at €707.3 million in 2014. 

Even with all the drama behind seating at fashion shows and fighting with critics, fashion is a business and if you’re earning money, that’s really all that matters. The folks at Kering seem to have no problem with Slimane, despite the polarizing opinions the designer has drawn. Keep on keepin’ on, Slimane.

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