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The Most Ludicrous Questions From Miranda Kerr’s Twitter Q&A

Miranda Kerr

Photo: WENN

I suppose if we really think about it, we’ve all got something we’d like to ask Miranda Kerr. Is Orlando Bloom a good kisser? Have you ever gotten blind drunk? Will you ever wear clothes in a photo shoot again? Are you actually human?

There’s so many questions that us mere non-famous people would just love to know about her, and that’s probably why her media interviews never get old. There’s always something new to learn about this dimple-faced specimen.

That’s why when she hosted a Twitter Q&A via Net-a-Porter’s account today to answer everyone’s “beauty questions,” she was of course bombarded with the weird, the wacky and the downright creepy. The hashtag was #MK4Kora, so you think people would get the drift that this little exercise was about promoting her skincare line, KORA Organics, not about telling you what cup size she is.

Check out the most ludicrous questions Miranda’s devoted fans asked her today, and, you’ll be pleased to know, she actually answered some of them. For the one’s she didn’t dignify with a response, well, we reckon we could answer them on her behalf.

Did you see the sparkler Orlando gave her? I don’t think she’ll accept, or eat, this one, Ben.

Not you.

Red peonies, duh. You kids call yourself fans?

Would you like something that made you a bucketload of cash?

She probably can’t, no.


Miranda Kerr was born dating. She’s not the person to ask.

She’s rumoured to be human, so she probably has an appetite.

Kerr eggs plus Bloom sperm, and, Kerr-Bloom, you’ve got yourself a handsome Flynn. Magic.

Probably her left, it’s on her good side.

She has. The name Orlando ring any bells?

OMFG MIRANDA TWEETED ME (Insert heart emoji here).

Love is a strong word.

Let it go. Let it gooooo.