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Parisian Fashion Blogger Diane Pernet to Launch Koala-Inspired Perfume

Parisian fashion blogger, noted fashion-film buff and scent-lover Diane Pernet is using her beauty and style koalifications to whip up a new koala-inspired perfume.

Why? Because she’s freakin’ fond of koalas, you guys, and she even had one of those touristy koala-hugging pencils back in the day. “I am so in love with koalas! I’ve always had a thing for them,” Diane, who runs the blog A Shaded View of Fashion, affirmed to WWD. “Growing up, I had a friend from Sydney, and we would all have toy koalas on the end of our pencils.”

Later on, maybe around the time she got her pen license, Diane was given the chance to visit the sunny and picturesque Perth, but would only go on one condition. She said, “I’d only go if I could hold a koala because it’s been a dream since childhood.” She held a cutesy creature named Sunshine, and, from what we can gather, didn’t try to steal it in her croquembouche-esque hair on the way back home.

She told WWD that koala problemos, like chlamydia and how they are threatened by bushfires and land developers in their homes, is why she’s making a perfume to support the cuddly natives.

She hit up the Intertrade Group’s Celso Fadelli, with whom she is working on a line of fragrances, to let her in on her plan. “So I said to Celso that I want to do something so that a portion of the profits can go to helping Save The Koala, a charity,” she said.

The future scent will smell like eucalyptus, the furry friends’ favourite leafy snack, but still needs perfecting. “It’s far too strong, and it smells kind of like medication,” Diane explained. “It’s a difficult material to work with, but I’m sure we’ll arrive at something good.”

Alas, Koala No. 5 was born. Not really, but we’re expecting a koala-ty product.

[Via WWD]